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Add password and permissions to your PDF files online.

It's safe, easy and free.

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How to protect a PDF file online

  1. You may upload your PDF file using 3 different methods: “My Computer”, “Dropbox” and Google Drive” buttons.
  2. Using the 'Password" field, enter your passkey to protect your document.
  3. Clicking the "advanced options" link will open a menu giving you more control over your encryption level.
  4. Click the “Protect” button to encrypt your file.

Secure encryption that can’t be cracked

  1. We have built a bulletproof system that will make it almost impossible for anyone with a regular computer to crack your PDF.
  2. You don’t need to install or download any software to protect your PDF file. All you need to do is upload your file and encrypt it online.

Secure encryption that can’t be cracked

  1. Use strong passwords to prevent anyone from guessing them.
  2. To be sufficiently complex, your password should be:
    1. 8 characters or longer
    2. Use a combination of upper/lower case letters
    3. Include at least one numeric or special character

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